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Introducing NEW Shiki VIP
Gold membership Program.

Thank you very much for showing interest and partaking in our NEW Shiki VIP Gold membership Program. Simply just fill out the form below and you will receive a “Welcome” email from us within a few minutes, with your own unique QRCode. Once received, save the QRCode image as a picture on your phone or snapshot or take a photo of it on your laptop/pc. Present your QRCode when you come in and you are entitled to enjoy exclusive offers and special discounts!

*Please note that you are entitled to enjoy VIP membership offers only once you’ve actually received your QRCode.

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These are just some of the special offers exclusive to VIP Gold QRCode Members.


  • Absolutely FREE! to join
  • Special discounts on our special seasonal menus!
  • $10 discounts for you and your guests!
  • 10% discounts on all food items at lunch time!
  • More and more special exclusive offers every month!
  • Remember! There is NO TIME & DAY RESTRICTIONS! You can come and enjoy all the benefits at your convenience!

Once a member, you can start collecting rewards points. Your total spending at Shiki will automatically be accumulated as points.

( $1 spent = 1 point earned )

Superb news, every 1000 points collected within a 6 month period will entitle you to receive a $100 gift voucher! Why wait now?

How you can accumulate your points faster?

Friends & family:

You can let your friends and/or family members use your VIP Membership. You can also tell them about our special discounts they can receive at Shiki and any amount spent at Shiki will be accumulated as YOUR POINT!

Corporate company:

Applying for Corporate VIP Member as a company is easy! Points gained from any employee will be accumulated to the company’s VIP membership as a whole. This means reaching your $100 gift voucher is much easier. Thanks for your interest. Hope to see you soon at Shiki!

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