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Agedashi Tofu 18
3 pc of deep-fried tofu bean-curd served in a broth of dashi and soy.

Sashimi Plate 34
3 kinds of our finest sliced sashimi, Chef selected. Total 12 pc.

Aburi Wagyu Beef Tataki Carpaccio 28
Super Premium Wagyu beeef thinly sliced, seared and dressed with Japanese white sesame sauce

Chicken Karaage 18
5 pc of deep-fried soy-marinated tender chicken.

Served with spicy ponzu and mayonnaise.

Nigiri Plate 25
5 pieces assorted nigiri sushi, Chef selected.

Amuze Plate 24
3 kind assortment of Japanese appetizers.

Crunchy Softshell Crab 24
Deep-fried softshell crab served with chilli pepper.


Tasmanian Salmon Teriyaki 36
Tasmanian salmon fillets marinated & cooked in the best teriyaki sauce in Sydney, served with seasonal vegetables.

Unajyu 44
Grilled Freshwater eel brushed with special sweet soy. Served on a bed of rice with dried nori seaweed.

Chicken Teriyaki 34
Tender Maryland Chicken marinated & cooked in the best teriyaki sauce in Sydney, served with seasonal vegetables.

Chicken Katsu 33
Bread-crumbed tender chicken, fried to perfection. Served with Japanese tartar & bbq sauce.

Tempura Udon or Soba 30
Seafood & vegetable tempura with your choice of Udon/Soba noodles. Served in hot soup or chilled with dipping sauce.

Deluxe Sashimi 55
6 kinds of our finest raw fish, Chef selected. Served with a fusion of white soy & original pink salt.

Tempura 33
Variety tempura including garfish, whiting, conger eel, scallop and seasonal vegetables prepared in light batter.

Gindara Black cod Saikyo 34
A filleted black cod marinated in saikyo miso for several days, then grilled to perfection.

Signature Pink Salt Plate Cooking at the Table

Wagyu Beef BBQ on Pink Salt 49.5
100g of premium Wagyu beef grilled on natural pink salt plate at your table.

Natural “Gane-en” Pink Rock Salt Plate

Delicious and healthiest Choice of all! Don’t miss this opportunity to sample Sydney’s only “Gan-en” pink rock salt plate cooking today! The Gan-en from the Himalayas, contain a goodness of minerals from deep sea 4 million years ago. When food is cooked on Gan-en, it absorbs excess fat, making it extremely healthy, providing food with just the right amount of of saltiness.

Side Dishes & Salads

Green Salad 9
Famous Shiki dressing

Seaweed Salad 12
Famous Shiki dressing

Edamame 7

Crispy Prawn Tempura 4.5/pc

Rice 3

Horenso Spinach Goma-ae 8
Horenso spinach with white sesame.

Tofu Salad 13
Sesame dressing

Ohitashi 8
Shimeji mushrooms & fried tofu in dashi and soy

Miso Soup 4
Japanese Pickles 7

Seafood Chawan-mushi        

*min. 30 minutes prep time

Japanese savoury custard egg delicately light-steamed with a luxurious seafood selection & Shiki’s proud dashi broth.

Sushi Rolls

Spider Roll (6pc) 28
Deep-fried soft-shell crab and cucumber served with flying fish roe & special nitsume sweet soy sauce.

California Roll (6pc) 26
Cooked prawn, cucumber, avocado and flying fish roe with mayonnaise.

Spicy Tuna Roll (6pc) 25
Freshly chopped tuna, rolled with spicy chili sauce and tempura flakes.

Spicy Salmon Roll (6pc) 24
Freshly chopped salmon, rolled with spicy chili sauce and tempura flakes.

Geisha Roll (6pc) 26.5
Seared salmon, cream cheese, avocado & cucumber.

Temaki Hand Rolls

(Order price is per single hand-roll)

Shiki Hand-Roll 12.5

Geisha Hand-Roll  9.5

Spider Hand-Roll 10

California Hand-Roll 9

Spicy Tuna Hand-Roll 8.5

Spicy Salmon Hand-Roll  8

Okonomi Nigiri

(Okonomi: Remember that each Single order has two pieces)

Sake 9

Maguro 9.5

Anago 18
Conger Eel

Ikura 10
Salmon Roe

Tai 9

Hotate 9

Ebi 9
Cooked Prawn

Hamachi 9

Unagi 12
Freshwater Eel

Tobikko 9.5
Flying Fish Roe

Pot Cooking At The Table

(Min. 2 orders)

Kaisen Seafood Hot-pot 65 p.p
Combination of the finest seafood, udon noodles and seasonal vegetables cooked in dashi broth.

Sukiyaki 58 p.p
150gm of thinly sliced grass-fed beef combined with seasonal vegetables cooked in warishita soup.

Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki 75 p.p
125gm of thinly sliced prem. Wagyu sirloin combined with seasonal vegetables cooked in warishita soup.

Shabu Shabu 58 p.p
150gm of thinly sliced grass-fed sirloin beef boiled with seasonal vegetables. Served with sesame and ponzu dipping sauces.

Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu 75 p.p
125gm of thinly sliced Wagyu sirloin beef boiled with seasonal vegetables. Served Served with sesame and ponzu dipping sauces.

Extra Portions for Hot-pot

Grass-fed Sirloin Beef 40
150gm for Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki.

Grain-fed Wagyu Beef 57
100gm for Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki.

Seasonal Vegetables for Hot-pot only 18

Udon Noodles for Hot-pot only 9

Egg for Sukiyaki 1

Shabu Shabu Dipping Sauce 1

Shiki Special Platter $75.00 per person

(Min. 2 orders)

Dinner time only!
Includes the followings:

  • 2 Variety of appetizers of the day
  • 2 Kinds of Sashimi
  • 2 Kinds of Sushi Rolls including Spicy Roll (6pc) & California Roll (6pc)
  • Assorted Seafood and seasonal vegetable tempura mix
  • Succulent Salmon Teriyaki with the best Teriyaki sauce in Sydney
  • Deep-fried Softshell Crab
  • Japanese Chicken Karaage
  • Miso Soup